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What we do?

At Avoid the Noise we provide independent reviews of online business courses claiming they can provide you with the skills needed to run a successful enterprise. Learning from other entrepreneurs can dramatically reduce the time it takes to start making money but you have to know which ones to listen to and which to avoid. You can benefit from their experience and it is far better to learn vicariously from the mistakes of others. Our reviews can save you time and a fortune in sign up fees by giving you the information you need to pick the right course for you. With course reviews on a variety of topics from productivity to marketing you can be confident we have it covered.

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Who can we help?

Business owners of all levels understand the importance of independent learning in running a successful enterprise (If you need convincing take some time to read our welcome post). Online courses are an invaluable resource but often require a significant investment of both time and money.  Course owners are incentivised to write a convincing sales pitch in order to get you to sign up but until you do it is difficult to know whether your investment will be worthwhile. We aim to take away that anxiety by providing in depth reviews that help you make an informed decision. 

We offer:

  • Independent reviews you can trust
  • Simple rating system based on quality of information and value for money
  • In depth review to help you decide which resources are worth your time

How did we get started?

As online entrepreneurship becomes more popular an increasing number of sites have started offering courses pertaining to have the secrets to making your online venture a success. Presently the challenge is not in finding someone willing to help but in sifting through the wealth of options. We started Avoid the Noise to help you ascertain which courses offer the best insights and value for money.


Mike Crust 
Founder of Avoid the Noise
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