Top Five Courses On Coursera for Entrepreneurs

Do you often find yourself overwhelmed when trying to decide which course to take?

Here are the five courses On Coursera(check out our review of Coursera) we recommend for anyone trying to start their own company:

1.Marketing in a Digital World

One of the most popular online courses and highly rated by critics and students alike. It examines the relationship between companies and consumers in the digital age as well as the marketing strategies required to take advantage of this change.



2.An Introduction to Financial Accounting

You might not need to be a qualified accountant to be self employed and most people would benefit from hiring one but that does not mean you should be ignorant about accounting practices. A better understanding of the basics can dramatically improve the day to day running of your company.



3.Learning how to Learn

At Avoid the Noise one of our guiding principles is the importance of learning in being a successful entrepreneur. In daily life you constantly face new challenges irrespective of the industry you work in. Therefore becoming a more efficient learner and discovering new ways to better manage your time are crucial skills which can be attained on this course.



4.Machine Learning

This highly rated course provides an excellent overview of how computers can be programmed to develop on their own. Given the potential size of the AI industry in the not to distant future developing and then applying the skills learnt on this course could open the door to a number of unique opportunities.



5.Model Thinking

While not directly related to entrepreneurship courses like this is an are where you can gain an advantage by knowing more than your competition. This course looks at how we can use models to make sense of the complex world we currently live in. In situations with a number of conflicting factors these models can help you make better decisions and therefore achieve more favourable outcomes.

Model Thinking


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