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For this week’s review we are taking a look at a productivity webinar run by the popular online blog Farnam Street.

Farnam Street Producitivity

As an entrepreneur time is your most valuable asset so it is of critical importance that you make the best use of it. Even relatively small changes in this area can have a huge impact because any improvements compound over time. So with this in mind here are our comments on the Farnam Street Productivity Webinar

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The material covered is well thought out and covers a wide range of subjects each with a list of action points designed to help you understand exactly how to apply these improvements to your daily routine . In addition to this the material includes a list of questions to help you better assess your lifestyle and working priorities. By dedicating time to answering these you can begin to make adjustments to your schedule and gain a deeper understanding of where you can add the most value.


There is a plethora of information packed into the half hour webinar which also comes with several additional resources that are available to download. The course offers plenty of conceptual ideas that require a commitment from the viewer to actually implement the suggested strategies and only then will you get the best results. Through testing different techniques and then spending some time to evaluate their benefits you can begin to improve your individual circumstances. To get the most from the material we recommend that you regularly pause and try to think about how you can apply the ideas in your working day rather than just watching passively.

One of the main messages of the course recommends challenging convention and putting an end to a reliance on a to do list but instead focusing only on your highest priority task and working only at your most efficient times of day. This enables you to focus on producing high quality work and means you can dictate your schedule to work around your other commitments. Shane also integrates concepts from other academic disciplines and applies them to productivity issues. For example he takes the mathematical concept of inversion and uses this to train you to think of the types of behaviors you need to avoid.

Invert, always invert.

Carl Jacobi

Sometimes just avoiding bad practices is as good as implementing something new. The webinar also highlights the importance of sleeping well and improving your diet which are often neglected topics in other discussions of productivity.


Considering all the value to be gained from reading articles off their site it seems almost unfair trying to come up with faults for this course especially at the low fee. However I did feel that there was almost too much material packed into the short webinar and a discussion of fewer subjects would allow them to go into more depth. This meant at times it felt slightly rushed due to the overwhelming amount of information. Having said that for the price there is definitely a lot of value for anyone looking to make better use of their working hours.

Avoid the Noise Key Takeaways

  • Manage your energy not your time and carry out most taxing activities in the morning
  • All aspects of life like sleep and diet can affect productivity
  • Focus on quality and adding value rather than just being busy

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