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Our first review is on the Forever Jobless Vault aimed at those struggling to think of business ideas

Forever Jobless Vault

Having been an avid reader of the Forever Jobless Blog which regularly produces outstanding content on entrepreneurship, I was excited when I received an email about a new course Billy was offering on generating new business ideas.

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Due to the low price and seemingly straightforward topics covered you could easily be forgiven for assuming that the content is aimed solely at those just starting out but even seasoned entrepreneurs will find some novel insights. The first few videos in the pack cover Billy’s process for generating new ideas which will soon provide you with a huge range of ideas. Through a simple re framing of your attitude you will begin to see the constant opportunities created by every problem you encounter. He then stresses the importance of continuously following this process and keeping records of your ideas. At first you may struggle to think of any viable ideas but with time and as you become more accomplished it will really start to pay dividends.

As you become more adept at spotting opportunities you encounter a second issue in deciding which of these to spend your time trying to implement. In the next section Billy takes you through his method for assessing ideas and discerning their profitability. He covers topics like market saturation and shows how ideas that solve a problem in a novel way or by offering value that others do not, you can create a successful enterprise even when operating in an area which others deem overcrowded.

While this is often an issue for new entrepreneurs who are often put off by the amount of competition in their niche. You can avoid this by understanding that most businesses do not offer a unique proposition and so are unlikely to remain profitable especially if you provide a new solution to the problem. In addition to all this great content you also get a PDF containing a list of 50 business ideas that Billy has personally come up with. These offer further insight into his thought process and save you the trouble of thinking up ideas yourself.


Overall the only real downside is that the course does not have a fixed structure and some of the videos jump between different topics. For those who prefer a user friendly layout with clear segments and learning outcomes then you may desire a little more. The course focuses heavily on the mindset required when starting out so those looking for exact guidelines on the day to day running of their venture may also be disappointed.

Avoid the Noise Key Takeaways

  1. Solve problems and look for any way of adding value
  2. A crowded market does not determine profitability
  3. Focus your efforts on one idea with the best chance of success


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