Google Analytics for Beginners Review

Short review this week of the Google Academy’s Beginners Guide to Analytics

Google analytics is a powerful free tool for anyone with a website looking to generate more traffic and improve their sales. (So essentially anyone with an online presence) This short course looks at the set up and guides you through the  myriad of features.

Link: Google Analytics for Beginners


Duration: 4-6 hours


The course is ideal for those who have yet to set up an account or are only just getting started. It provides an overview on how the system works as well as the types of reports and filters you can set up. If you can master these then you will quickly be able to identify which areas of your site are costing you traffic. The course is easy to follow and breaks down how to set up regular reports as well as filters so you can better keep track of a variety of metrics.

Once you get more confident with the basics it also shows how you can combine you account with AdWords. From here you can start measuring the success of any marketing campaigns you are running. The format covers all bases with a nice  mix of videos and articles. It also comes with the added bonus of access to a demo account where you can play around with different settings. This lets you experiment and try out all the options without the worry of messing up your own website date before you understand what you are trying to do.  


Excellent free resource that you can use with any basic setup or maintenance issues you are having with Analytics. Ideal for anyone looking to make the most of Google Analytics that is feeling slightly overwhelmed or confused about the options. For those thinking this review is quite short I would summarise it simply by saying: The course is free and ideal if you are interested at all in using Google Analytics.

So stop wasting time reading the review and get started with the course.

Avoid the Noise Key Takeaways

  • When amending any filters on Analytics make sure you have one profile with unfiltered data in case anything goes wrong.
  • Take the time to add tags to all your different marketing campaigns so you can better track how much traffic each one is driving to your site.

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