Learning How to Learn Coursera Review

Learning new skills is not something that you can avoid. So it makes sense to spend time becoming a better learner.

Anyone currently running their own business or looking to do so in the future needs to be constantly learning new processes and skills. So this review focuses on a free resource designed to help you become more efficient at learning.

Link: Learning How to Learn

PRICE: Free£49 for Verified Certificate

Duration: 4 Weeks(up to 3hrs a week)


Good overview on the subject of learning which nearly everyone would find useful. The course is free and spread out over four weeks with plenty of supplementary videos and suggested reading material. The course is based on ideas taken from the book A mind for numbers and contains a good mix of scientific facts and applicable strategies.  Plenty involved and spread out over a reasonable time scale to allow you to meet the course deadlines with ease. 


Each week is broken into four sections that focus on a slightly different aspect of  the learning process. For a free course the attention to detail is excellent and all the techniques are justified through scientific theories. Rather than just providing a list of best practices the course also devotes time to offering solutions to problems like procrastination and memory. By better understanding the cause and effects of procrastination you can ensure you are in a better position to overcome the problem. For more on this subject it is worth looking at the Farnam Street Productivity Course as well.

Once the course has outlined the science behind the different modes of learning (focused and diffuse) there is a vast number of techniques they recommend to benefit from this understanding. Some of these are quite intuitive while others will require you take a new approach to your studies. One of the primary critiques of the course is a practice that many people are guilty of which is simply re reading over their notes and assuming they have done enough to move something into their long term memory.

Instead you should focus on trying to test yourself or recalling information without consulting your notes and make sure this practice is spaced out over several days. The rest of the course details the best way to go about this and offers several techniques you can use to make the most of your study time. In general it recommends the now widely used Pomodoro Technique which involves breaking your time into 20-25 minute periods of intense concentration followed by a brief respite. These ideas are a brief overview of everything that is covered in the course so if these are of interest then be sure to sign up at your earliest convenience.

There are very few downsides to this course but you must be prepared to work hard to implement the suggested techniques in order to get the full benefit. The exams can be passed with relative ease due to the multiple choice answers which often make the correct solution too obvious. Therefore it is imperative that you continue to actually follow the processes after finishing and not just assume your work is done once the final test is passed. 

Avoid the Noise Key Takeaways

  • More likely to learn by solving problems yourself
  • Metaphor and analogies are excellent memory tools
  • After a period of intense studying going for a walk gives you brain a chance to reconcile what you have learnt.

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