One of the more established e learning sites was recently bought by LinkedIn. Here are our thoughts on the site

For a relatively small monthly investment offers access to a huge amount of training material. Their videos cover a diverse collection of topics all taught by site approved instructors.

Price: £12.95-Basic, £18.95- Premium (Monthly Fee)


Site Features

The site runs a subscription model similar to Skillshare that allows you to access everything on the site for a relatively low monthly fee. Every class is included and you are only committed for one month at a time.  You can pay for one month, take all the courses you need and then cancel straight away. However if you do decide to become a long term member it is cheaper to pay for year in advance. Their premium option lets you download the videos and watch them offline as well which is a useful feature. They also provide both a mobile site and an app so is ideal for learning on the go.

PROS currently offers thousands of courses on nearly every topic imaginable. Irrespective of which skill you are trying to develop you are sure to find plenty of relevant content. Although other sites like Udemy and Skillshare cover a wide range of topics the collection on is unparalleled. As well as learning skills you can also learn about particular software like Excel, web design, animation, graphic design and more.

In order to produce such a diverse range of videos the site requires a massive massive amount of teachers each with their own area of specialisation. This enables you to learn about all the areas of your business all in one place so  you can take courses in SEO, learn how to drive traffic to your site, and then learn how to market your skills and products to potential clients and customers. The content is constantly updated with new material added on a weekly basis so they stay relevant.

The site has lots of reputable instructors including author of Smartcuts Shane Snow


Most of the instructors appear to know their topics well. They teach in an informal and casual style while providing high quality instructions. They majority are well organised using realistic examples and  teach on the same level as their target audience. The quality of courses is a result of their strenuous review and feedback system.

The content  is very thorough ranging from very basic courses to advanced ones for more serious learners.  Even though many courses are several hours long, they are organized into shorter segments. A particular lesson might only last five minutes so you can be used to quickly learn one procedure. Therefore if offers the flexibility of finding the answer to one problem or helping you gain a comprehensive overview of a topic.


Currently there are no interactive features that other sites like Khan Academy have as standard. The site does not offer any quizzes, tests or challenges that can be useful for reinforcing the information in your mind. This type of approach is not as conducive for developing critical thinking skills. However this is something they are looking to develop in the near future and will mean the site offers a more complete experience.

At the moment the site also lacks a user forum.  This makes it difficult to contact other students when you are looking for a quick answer. There are comment sections on each video but they are not regularly utilised. It is possible to submit a question through the mailbox option though it can take up to two weeks to receive a reply. Luckily if you have any technical issues these will be addressed more promptly.


For a low monthly fee you get access to a vast amount of videos and unlike other sites they verify all their instructors so the quality tends to be of a very high standard. Their already vast video collection is  constantly expanding so for the price there is very little to criticise.

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