The Modern Marketing Workshop

Use this course to learn more about how the internet has altered traditional marketing techniques and how you can use them in your business

Following on from our last review we take a look at another Seth Godin course on Skillshare. This time he goes into detail about his specialist topic, marketing. 

Link: Modern Marketing Workshop

PRICE: Skillshare Premium Course (£12.95 a month)

Duration: 2hour 49min


This course examines the relationship between traditional and modern marketing methods arguing that the latter is better for most small businesses. He explores the diferences between the two apporaches before moving on to cover everything required to create a marketing campaign for your business. The course provides a unique take on how to build your brand using real examples. These stories about marketing techniques some well known brands have experimented with really brings the theory to life. They are helpful in seeing how you can use some of the ideas mentioned in practice.

I personally gained a lot from taking this course and found it left me with plenty to think about. As someone with relatively little marketing experience it filled in a lot of blanks in my own understanding. This is the type of course where just watching the videos and taking notes is not enough. In order to get the greatest benefit from the material you need to go away and think about the applications to your own circumstance. 

On the whole the ideas presented changed my perceptions about how successful marketing campaigns work and how much scope for creativity there is. While the information contained is very clear there are parts where topics are rushed through so it is worth taking some time to re-watch any parts that you missed. At times the course moves at a blistering pace and it would be interesting to see some of the topics covered in more depth.


The old method of marketing relied on spending as much as you could afford in an attempt to reach the largest audience. Needless to say only the companies with the largest budget thrived in this environment. However the arrival of the internet has rendered this useless and enabled even small businesses the chance to get their voice heard. It is more important to delight a specific group of people who really want your product rather than trying to convert the masses. By targeting a specific group you can make your campaign more personal and they then feel  feel like they are being treated differently. This personal connection is the key in developing your customer base.


Another fantastic course with an excellent range of support material designed to make the course more interactive. I would recommend looking at the project section of the course as well. It contains instructions on how to design your own marketing campaign which can help you engage more with the material. Also you can see the projects others have completed online as well which can be useful when you are lacking inspiration. 

Avoid the Noise Key Takeaways

  • Marketing is just telling a story to people who want to hear it
  • Be creative and willing to give your product away to grow your influence
  • Any contact with a customer is an opportunity to improve your relationship

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