Psychology of Sales

In this review we look at a course designed to help you close more sales

Sales are the lifeblood of your business so it is crucial that you have a good insight into how they work. This course looks at the psychology behind selling and a variety of approaches you can use to increase your success.

Link: Psychology of Sales

PRICE: £45 a month (Shaw Academy Subscription)

Duration: 6 hours


Sales are arguably the most critical skill for any aspiring entrepreneur and you will always have plenty of opportunites if you are good at it. Also something that will never lose its importance which made me consider this course in the first place. The course begins by arguing that hard selling is never a viable tactic as you cant persuade someone to buy something they have no interest in. Sales is in fact a more subtle art involving building rapport and persuading potential clients.

During the course you are asked to consider your own previous experiences and a lot of emphasis is placed on testing these strategies yourself as the best means of learning. You have to have self awareness and an understanding of how others think to truly prosper in sales. The video series covers building stronger relationships and matching clients to improve your chances. It also breaks down common mental biases that can affect your approach and the importance of stories. Each of the six videos complements each other well and on each new watch you will end up learning something new.


While the content contains a complete breakdown of basic sales techniques there are some technical issues with Shaw Academy. The site crashes fairly often and you are forced to login again every time you leave the page for a while.  There are often periods when it is impossible to get on to the site and many of the links dont work. Aside from the technical issues the only other negative is that parts of the course feel a bit laboured. There is a lot of repition at the start and end of every video so you may want to skip these parts if you are short of time. If you can get past these issues I would definitely recommend the course to anyone looking to make more face to face sales.


Avoid the Noise Key Takeaways

  • Building rapport and making the customer feel comfortable are vital before you start your sales pitch
  • Never make assumptions about how customer thinks but ask questions to find out
  • Story telling is a a powerful tool in sales

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