As well as online courses there are plenty of other resources to help you on your way to becoming an entrepreneur. Here split by category we give you the best resources including books, blogs and free courses that we have used ourselves. Whenever we find something useful you can be sure we will add it here:


For anyone looking to start their own business the first thing I would recommend completing is this free course from Sam Altman. It covers all aspects of starting your own company with insights from a variety of entrepreneurs at the top of their respective industries.

This one is a MUST WATCH and its Free

Start Up Class

After you finish the videos we would also recommend reading through this as well:

Sam Altman Playbook


General Entrepreneurship and Generating Ideas

Forever Jobless– If you want the antidote to sites that offer get rich quick schemes that lack any substance then this site is for you. A great collection of blog posts and a podcast on the right way to build a sustainable business. 

Paul Graham– This essay focuses on how to find startup ideas by spotting the opportunities hidden in everyday problems. Once you are finished with this post work your way through the rest of his essays as well.

Personal MBA– A guide on how to evaluate a market to see if your ideas are viable business opportunities.


Seth Godin We have already reviewed one of his courses on the site but if you want his great advice in bite sized chunks then check out his blog as well.


Farnam Street (see our review of their recent Productivity Course here)- The ideal site for improving your decision making and finding new book recommendations.

Self Development

StartGainingMomentum– A collection of posts on improving your health and attitude while also covering a bit of everything from military leaders to investing. 

Art of Manliness-Similar to the above a huge collection of articles on a diverse range of topics so there is something for everyone.

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