Review Of Future Learn

Future learn run by the Open University in cooperation with a group of 12 UK universities is up for review this week

Future learn is run by the open university in partnership with twelve leading UK Universities. Their courses cover a diverse collection of topics all of which are delivered by certified university lecturers.

Website: Future Learn
Price: Free (each course charges for certificate and unlimited access)


Site Features

The site operates an alternative payment model allowing users to take all courses for free for up to a month. After this time payment is required if you want the certificate awarded for passing the course or unlimited future access. The site is well maintained making it easy to keep track of where you left off and the parts still outstanding. This format makes it easy just dip in to the material whenever you have a spare five minutes. Each course contains a variety of videos, forums and articles. This is designed  with all leaners in mind so you can pick the format that best suits your needs.


As mentioned above the main draw of the site is the opportunity to take all courses for free. Future Learn also offers an excellent choice of courses  covering cutting edge research subjects. The subjects covered are more diverse than other sites with niche topics like art fraud and Cantenese opera. This makes it an attractive option especially for anyone bored with the usual selection on most MOOC sites. As well as the diverse catalogue you can be confident in the quality as well with everything taught by qualified university professors.  This provides it with a distinct advantage over Udemy though it is not currently able to offer the same volume of videos.


While the Courses are well organised and interesting most suffer from a lack of depth in terms of the information provided. After taking a small selection they offered more of an introduction to the subject and should therefore be used accordingly. They are best utilised as a quick way of finding out whether you are interested in a subject before focusing on resources elsewhere.


The quality of courses offered is high but too often they are more of an introduction to entice you to take out more formal courses offered by the Open University. Definitely worth a look for the price even if the value of purchasing a certificate is ambiguous at this stage. This is because it is relatively unclear as to whether they are likely to be recognised by employers as a formal qualification. In this respect it suffers from the same issue as other sites like Coursera. If you are tired of taking courses on some of the more established e learning sites then Future Learn is a worthy alternative.

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