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This week we take a look at Skillshare to see whether a subscription is a worthwhile investment


Skillshare is a popular online learning platform showcasing independently created videos designed to help you  learn a diverse range of new skills. Here are our thoughts on the pros and cons offered by their membership option for individuals looking to learn more about entrepreneurship.


This is one of a number of similar sites that have sprung up recently that enable course creators to upload their own content and benefit from the large audience generated by the host site. As well as the premium pricing model those on a tight budget can use the free option though this limits the amount you can watch and you do have to put up with more ads.


The site is easy to navigate and there are a wide variety of topics covered on the site not limited to entrepreneurship. This means you can also develop other creative skills on the site that can be used to improve your current business or to start a new venture. The videos themselves are user friendly with easy to navigate menus and the option to pause rewind or watch at 2X speed. It is very easy to find a video on any subject but it is important you make use of the student reviews and filters to locate the best content.  While this is not a foolproof method it does improve your chances of avoiding the worst videos . The sheer volume of videos is dangerous for those with procrastination issues so make sure  you focus your time and efforts on only the most relevant content to your goals.

Although the majority of videos are made by those with unknown credentials, there are also a number of authoritative speakers as well including Seth Godin. Seth has written a number of original and innovative books  on marketing so it is worthwhile taking out a short term contract just to take advantage of his material.


As for the site as a whole for some the shorter video length may offer an advantage over other courses. This requires less of a time commitment enabling you  to quickly get a good overview on  any topic. Ideal for watching during your morning commute or on your lunch break. On this basis membership is worthwhile for the low price as it provides a broad overview on a variety of topics, though expect this to change as your learning requirements become more advanced.

The main issue with the site is the extreme variation in the information quality. While their are a few very knowledgeable producers most is aimed at beginners offering a basic introduction. In addition most content producers on the site do not list their credentials making it can be difficult to know who you can trust. Some see the site as a short term way to increase their income so upload large amounts of inferior videos using their limited  or rehashed knowledge.

As a result of the sheer volume it is easy to waste time watching and searching through the inferior content. This is not helped by the fact that you are forced to enroll in course before you can see the full contents which exacerbates this issue. While student reviews and ratings do provide some detail it would be helpful if there was more of upfront review process by Skillshare. It would also benefit from more interaction with the course teacher by allowing questions to be posted or some form of direct contact.

Remember our views on the site are designed for people like you who are looking to start or improve their business so take this into account. The site is primarily aimed at a wider audience so it makes sense that their model is not exactly aligned with the needs of new entrepreneurs. For those looking to find a new hobby or trying to pick up some new skills then the site definitely has a lot to offer.

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