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We started Avoid the Noise to help you ascertain which courses offer the best insights and value for money. 

Our main way of helping you is through our in depth reviews which we will discuss more below but for those just starting out check out our Resources page where we list relevant books, blogs and free courses.


For those starting out one thing worth looking at is our review of all the major learning platforms. Platforms often have lower costs so are ideal for beginners and those on a restricted budget. Remember we have reviewed each site based on the quality and relevance of their material for prospective entrepreneurs.

Our most viewed reviews are:




For a complete list of all these sites check our Platform Reviews

As well as these large sites there are plenty of individuals who offer courses on their own sites as well. There are plenty of outstanding entrepreneurs who regularly post courses online and you can access their best material for a relatively low fee. Here are our most viewed course reviews:

Farnam Street Productivity Webinar

Forever Jobless Vault

The New Business toolbox

Check out the rest here: Course Reviews
Blog Posts

One of our goals at Avoid the Noise is to get you to change your mindset about learning and self improvement.

Our best article on this is the Guide To Investing in Yourself.

In this article we argue that investing in yourself through education is the greatest investment you can make and arguably the one that has the greatest impact on your future earnings.

For our thoughts on everything from picking the best courses to learning more efficiently check out our latest Blog Posts.

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