Review Of Future Learn

Future learn run by the Open University in cooperation with a group of 12 UK universities is up for review this week

Future learn is run by the open university in partnership with twelve leading UK Universities. Their courses cover a diverse collection of topics all of which are delivered by certified university lecturers.
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One of the more established e learning sites was recently bought by LinkedIn. Here are our thoughts on the site

For a relatively small monthly investment offers access to a huge amount of training material. Their videos cover a diverse collection of topics all taught by site approved instructors.
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EdX Review

EdX is a non profit founded by Harvard and MIT offering a mixture of free and paid courses

Another free site for you to check out containing over 300 courses on a variety of topics, with plenty to keep aspiring entrepreneurs busy. As well as introductory courses they also offer specialist topics like big data or environmental conservation.
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Khan Academy Review

Few educational sites in recent years have garnered more praise than Khan Academy. Here is what we think it can offer new business owners

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Coursera Review

Here is our review of Coursera a site offering cutting edge courses from top universities free of charge

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SkillShare Review

This week we take a look at Skillshare to see whether a subscription is a worthwhile investment

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