Udemy Course Review: 5 Steps to Idea Validation in The Real World

This week’s review is ideal for those just starting out. The course is free and lasts less than half an hour

Idea Validation Udemy

Price does not always equate to value. So while the course we are reviewing today is free that does not mean it is automatically not worth your time. Often people give great material away for free to build a relationship with their audience.  So read on to find out if Omar’s course can help you choose your next business idea.

For more comprehensive guides it is worth looking at Omar’s site the $100 MBA.


When starting out you can’t set up a business without an idea. The difficulty comes not in finding ideas but in knowing which ones to develop further. Idea validation is a crucial concept and doing more due diligence up front can save vast amounts of time and money that would otherwise be wasted pursuing an unprofitable idea. This short course breaks down how to select individuals for a focus group and then how to use their feedback to establish if your idea is worthwhile.

Focuses on businesses that want to meet prospective clients face to face and makes a very persuasive argument that you are likely to get higher quality feedback in this way. This is because people give away much more through facial expressions and body language than if you just talk to them on the phone or interact online. Better feedback enables you to flesh out your idea and pick the best product to focus on.

When evaluating your idea focus on the customers views and not your own opinion.

Now unfortunately this course is only useful for beginners as the material almost comes across as patronising. Very basic and focuses on only one aspect of idea validation which is certainly not a method that will suit everyone. Also the approach is quite limited as it recommends relying on small focus group whose opinions will have limited value. 

Avoid the Noise Key Takeaways

  1. Focus on your customer and their needs

  2. Make sure you seek feedback from those that will actually buy your product

For a more through approach to generating new business ideas check out the Forever Jobless Vault.

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