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Udemy is a one of a number of online learning platforms trying to disrupt the current educational system. They offer courses on a broad spectrum of subjects  though our focus for this review will be on their resources designed to teach entrepreneurial skills.

Price  £0- £200

The price of each individual course varies and they do offer a good amount of free material mixed in with the paid courses. The highest price you can expect to pay is £200 although they run regular promotions that can get you access at a substantial discount.

Avoid the Noise Discount Tips

  • Sign up to the sites mailing list prior to purchasing to get sent regular deals
  • Many groups on Facebook offer deals as well
  • Contact the course author for any deals they may offer



This site works in a similar way to Skillshare (Read Skillshare review here). Their are a number of discounts offered so you rarely have to pay full price. Udemy take responsibility for ensuring the audio and structure of the course is of the highest quality which can be an issue on independent sites. Most of the courses are shorter than those offered through more formal educational institutes but this gives you more flexibility. As a student on Udemy you are free to set you own learning pace and work around your schedule. All courses are also available on mobile and tablets as well so you can learn while out and about.  

You can expect to pay far less than more more formal courses and the lessons are more specialised each one focusing on just one particular skill or topic.  Although anyone is able to submit videos they do offer a good selection from highly esteemed entrepreneurs like Gary Vaynerchuk and Guy Kawasaki. Both produce stand out videos that challenge conventional advice on how to start your own company.  If you are interested Gary has an outstanding channel on YouTube. He is known for his obsessive focus on providing value to his customers and seeks an advantage over competitors by building real personal connections. 



Like the other learning platforms it is vital you research each instructor before signing up to establish their experience and the relevance of the information. Their needs to be a better balance between the sheer quantity of material available and the quality of the content. It can be time consuming and costly avoiding the charlatans that have posted videos on the site. The structure of courses has strict guidelines but quality is not scrutinised meaning plenty of instructors  are able to push poor material in order to make some quick cash. It is worth carrying out your own research beyond just reading the reviews of other students.

To make the most of Udemy: 

  1. Look for courses with regularly updated material
  2. Read through most recent comments and reviews
  3. Research instructor as much as possible and make use of preview videos

Many videos provide a solid overview of a topic but lack depth more advanced learners would benefit from.  At times the video length can be frustrating as an hour long course is split into 20 three minute videos which can be disruptive when trying to focus. More time is wasted loading  the next section and listening to another overview. The final negative is the support system which is difficult to locate and slow to respond to any issues.

If you have seen any good videos on Udemy others would enjoy post in the comments below

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  1. The points Convenience and Availability are the two prime factors I have personally opted for Online learning. I have been learning from Edureka. Anyone here with any recommendations?

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