Warning: Bad Courses Ahead

This week we look at the warning signs that should make you wary of buying a business course

After taking a number of business related courses I have come to realise that all the worst ones had a number of similar characteristics. As a reader of this site I appreciate that you want to be selective with your time and money so i have come up with some guidelines to help you avoid these courses. If you read on below I will help you separate fact from fiction.

1. Vague subject like teaching you how to be an Entrepreneur


Let me show you how you can become an entrepreneur and make a guaranteed 5000 a month for life


Any headline like the one show above should set alarm bells ringing. No one can teach you how to be an entrepreneur and there are definitely no financial guarantees, its more of a mindset that inspires the actions you take. Entrepreneurship is about solving problems so try to take courses that develop your skills. Instead of taking courses with vague titles take those that teach practical skills that you can use to solve other people’s problems. 

2. Make Fast money any kind of timescale


Make enough to quit your 9-5 with just three hours work


Titles like start your business today and never work again are prevalent online. In spite of what people may say starting your own business is hard work. If a course claims that you can be printing money after a couple of hours then they are bending the truth. Any enterprise that can make significant money in the long term needs a barrier to entry. This stops others immediately copying your ideas and invading your market. 

3. Copy me and make money


Follow my simple method and discover the perfect niche in which to start a profitable business 


Ask yourself why someone would give away their successful business plan for such a low amount? If they are detailing their specific strategies then you and everyone who watches their videos can just copy their method. As more and more people execute the same plan then their profit margins are going to quickly evaporate. The best businesses improve on what has come before and the best results come when you differentiate.

Common 99% thinking wont get you 1% results
MJ De Marco

4. Mention passive income or how easy it is


Set yourself up for life with a passive income source without any hassle


Passive income is not created in a few hours. You can’t simply set up a site and post a few times and wait for the advertising money to roll in. Anyone claiming you can have a business that prints money passively after a couple of hours work is not to be trusted.

5. Course instructor makes money just by selling courses


If you can see they have posted loads of courses all on different fad topics then they likely dont know anything in detail


No point learning from those whose philosophy is do what I say not what I do. Similar to the above but this is a definite warning flag. If they claim to be making money from their business but you can see 30 courses on different topics posted all over Udemy then they are likely making money off you and others buying their course.

By now you should be able to identify the key themes that run throughout this piece. Remember if it seems too good to be true then it probably is. Instead I would recommend focusing on developing new skills and then leverage those into a business once you have developed your expertise.

Until next time


Avoid the Noise

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