The Guide to Investing in Yourself

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Here at Avoid the Noise we understand the importance of continuous lifelong learning and the advantage this can provide when running a business.  In this article we look at how you can improve your approach to learning and how to avoid some of the pitfalls when seeking an education online.

The good news is that we currently live in an age where you can learn almost any new skill from the comfort of your own home. However this can create a scenario where there is always something new that you could be learning and so you become perpetually stuck in this cycle of consuming more information without ever testing your new skills. We have found that most people try to counteract information overload in one of two ways and neither is an efficient use of time.

 Some people find they are paralysed by this constant need for information and never organise their time so they can master just the skills they need. They are constantly signing up for new courses and trying to learn something new without ever implementing anything. This means they develop a shallow knowledge of various topics without ever mastering one to the level required to turn it into a profitable skill. Others constantly research courses but continually put off signing up as they are put off by the cost which they perceive to be too high.

On some level both these issues are symptoms caused by fear, the first person is afraid of missing out on some vital idea that will unlock the key to profitability and the second is afraid to invest in themselves.  We hope to take away some of that indecision by giving you the inside track on which courses are worth your time so you can make better decisions. As well as using our review system to direct you to the best resources you also need to adjust your mentality.

 In the first example we looked at someone who consumes new information but then never puts anything into practice. This one is simple in theory to solve, though like anything will require some work on your part. You have to accept that it is impossible to know everything and in most cases  unnecessary as well. A better approach would be to only sign up for course or learn new skills when you are unable to solve a problem on your own. For example people feel compelled to learn how to set up their own website or the best approach to marketing instead of spending time on their business and the actual problems they are facing. A better idea would be to use learning as a tool to fill in the blanks when you encounter issues you are not able to solve on your own. This helps you stay on track while still constantly learning new skills.

The second person never makes a commitment and to improve requires a similar change in attitude. You need to view courses as an investment in yourself. Rather than worrying about the cost consider the long term benefits of learning  a new skill. While an outlay of £1000 may seem high you should consider what you can expect to get out of it not just immediately but in the future as well. For example if it increases your potential earnings by £100 a month or helps you start a profitable new venture it can turn into a huge return on your initial investment. Just a small increase in your annual income adds up in time and may open you up to a new world of opportunities.

Hopefully this has helped you better understand some of the behaviours you need to avoid and you can start getting more out of any courses you sign up for. Remember if you are unsure then check out our review section or ask us to carry out a review of the product before you make the purchase.

We are here to eliminate the resources that drain your time and money allowing you to learn more efficiently and get ahead of the competition.

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